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Since 1950, Greenlawn has worked in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs providing quality maintenance service. Marla Cohen and Dee Busch bought Greenlawn Landscaping in 2007. We have evolved from a maintenance provider to landscape design and installation, expanding to green roofs, hardscapes, lighting and garden decor. Dee estimates that 90 percent of their clients are residential, with the balance made up of churches and commercial properties. In the last few years Dee and Marla have noticed that their customers are upgrading their landscapes so that they can get more enjoyment out of their outdoor space. Dee and Marla make an extra effort to get to know all of their clients. Dee says, “We get to know their needs specifically. I often check in to make sure the clients are happy.” 

Dee’s expertise in Landscape Design has increased the design and installation considerably. Since purchasing the business in 2007 Greenlawn’s design/install work has increased by 50%. Greenlawn has a regular maintenance client base of about 300 clients. Since obtaining its LiveRoof® certification in 2008, Greenlawn Landscaping has been awarded two ambitious green roof projects. The first, a green roof Installation over a condominium parking structure that serves as an outdoor plaza in Park Ridge, and most recently, a green roof on the sun deck of River City Condominiums downtown on the Chicago River.

Having nearly 30 years experience as a freelance graphic artist, Marla has the entrepreneurial skills of selling and marketing her products and services. Working on projects at varied companies has given her the flexibility to dive in and take control of her designated tasks under extreme working deadlines. Managing the operations of Greenlawn, she is able to identify new business, develop and implement marketing ideas and activities. Marla also has the people skills that are necessary to keep up good customer relations and continuous networking business opportunities. 

Greenlawn Landscaping also became WBE Certified (Women Business Enterprise) for the City of Chicago in April of 2013. Greenlawn aspires to enter the realm of construction contracts for the City of Chicago and surrounding areas in the future. 


Marla and Dee have a grand vision to expand Greenlawn Landscaping to “Green Sustainable” installations including energy saving rooftop gardens, agricultural planting at any level and native, container and rain garden installations. “Being environmentally conscientious and observing the increase in green urbanization, we want to contribute our skills and expertise to build a better and more diverse urban environment,” states Marla. 

Our team, led by owners Dee Busch and Marla Cohen, are ready to make the most of your landscape. Call us today for a complimentary consultation; see how we can enhance your outdoor space.



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