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Autumn Mulching | Give Your Plants a Better Chance to Survive Winter with Leaf Mulch!

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Fall is ideal for mulching because the temperature is not too cold or hot.

Installing mulch in the Autumn gives plants a chance to survive colder months. Fall mulching prevents heaving and buckling in beds during the winter months. Winter cold and frost can be stressful and damaging to plant life. Autumn installation also protects your garden by providing insulation/warmth while your plants are dormant. Installing in the fall also helps to prevent weeds in the spring! Our crews will also lightly weed prior to installation which will help prevent spring weed germination.

We recommend Leaf Mulch!

Leaf Mulch improves soil structure by adding organic matter. Leaf Mulch acts as a gentle fertilizer giving garden beds a nutrient boost and improves the health of your trees and plants. As a great carbon source, the leaf matter also attracts helpful worms! Light weight leaf mulch invites beneficial insects into your garden beds.

Greenlawn recommends this style of mulch above others! Leaf Mulch is the most natural way to spruce up your garden! It is not only decorative and aesthetically appealing, our mulch is also locally sourced and all-natural. It breaks down into the beds over time while keeping your plants healthy!

Additional benefits of mulching:

• Help your soil retain water

• Assists in soil drainage

• Keeps soil warmer in the winter (and cooler in the summer)

• Reduces soil erosion

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