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Create a Beautiful Secluded Outdoor Space

People love to be nestled! Consider creating a small, cozy area in your outdoor space.

While outdoor living spaces tend to be all about entertaining guests and family, smaller retreats provide a quiet place for homeowners to relax, read or unwind.

More and more residential and even commercial customers are asking for small, secluded spaces within the landscape area to celebrate family reunions, meetings, meditation area, and even weddings!

These spaces can be small Japanese style gardens screened with natural hedges for privacy. Interest in these sort of secluded areas are being requested by different cultures from different parts of the world from a variety of property owners. Other options include formal knot gardens and using fencing or pergolas with climbing plants to create privacy.

These smaller areas of the garden are easy to create by providing seating for two, surrounding the area with lush plants and using a wall or tall narrow plants to create privacy screen. This calm space can be created with a neutral palette and a simple water or fire feature. So, the next time you are dreaming about that perfect serenity place remember it may be right in your own backyard.

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