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NEW! All-Electric Crew is Eco-Friendly & Quiet!

Greenlawn's All-Electric Landscaping Crew is now available for both Residential & Commercial locations. Let us provide your maintenance service customized for you! We are excited to offer our experienced crew of landscapers for weekly maintenance with quiet equipment for all of you who work from home. The All-Electric Crew provides piece of mind because it is also better for the environment!

Make It More Green!

Add to your maintenance package natural and non-toxic insect repellent made from cedar oil. The non-toxic insect repellent is also safe for your family and your pets!

Greenlawn’s experienced landscapers specialize in maintenance programs including:

  • Weekly mow/edge/trim

  • Trimming & pruning of trees & shrubs

  • Aeration and power raking

  • Weeding and bed cultivation

  • Spring + fall cleanups*

  • Organic & Conventional application regimens for lawns

  • Sod, new lawn from seed, overseeding

  • Mulch and compost services

  • Plant health care: pruning and checking plants to

  • ensure the health and longevity.

*For spring + fall cleanups, we use all-electric except where no electric alternative is available.

Contact us for a quote or call 773.463.0445

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