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Fresh Sod Installation

During the initial meeting, we perform a site analysis and an initial exploration of design possibilities. To make sure your backyard is suitable for sod, we check the condition of the soil, evaluate sun exposure, and take measurements of the property. 

Before your sod is installed, your current grass is removed, soil is tilled, property is leveled, and then your new lawn is put into place! To insure freshness and highest quality product, Sod is picked up the morning of installation.


Beautify and sustain your plants and soil with mulch.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, mulch also:

 • Help your soil retain water

 • Blocks weeds

 • Assists in soil drainage

 • Replenishes nutrients in the soil

 • Keeps soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
 • Reduces soil erosion

 • Prevents heaving/buckling in beds in the winter

Greenlawn’s Primary Mulches:

 • Leaf

 • Cedar Grind

 • Southern Hardwood Bark

We can also order Playground Mulch or other custom mulches.

Artificial Turf Installation

We also design and install custom artificial grass which creates a clean and usable backyard space. Artificial Turf allows for a maintenance-free lawn year-round and is an excellent solution for young children and dogs.

Call (773) 463-0445 for a free assessment of your sod, artificial turf, or mulch project.

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